The Father's Day Do-Over

Sometimes Father's Day doesn't go as well as you might like. Dad may come down with a cold and be unable to enjoy all the festivities planned for his special day. At other times, your father may be out of town on business and unable to be with the family. Whatever the reason for the thwarted plans, you don't have to wait till next year; simply schedule a Father's Day do-over.

The idea of a do-over is nothing new. A do-over ensures that special events do not have to go unrecognized and that the reason for the gathering is still observed. Applying the idea to Father's Day, the family simply designates another date to lavish love and attention on Dad.

This rescheduled Father's Day can include any and all of the elements of the original. You can still surprise Dad with breakfast in bed, take him to his favorite restaurant, or throw a party for him at home. The difference is that the do-over takes place on a day when there is nothing to interfere with having the entire day focus on your father.

While most situations will dictate that the Father's Day do-over takes place on a weekend, you can hold your rescheduled Father's Day celebrations any time you like. This means if Dad gets home from a business trip on Thursday, the family may choose to designate Friday as the time to hold all the festivities. Any day will do, as long as your father is free and the family can gather for the celebration. All sorts of last minute issues can derail even the best-laid plans for Father's Day. This does not mean that your father has to be shortchanged of his special day. Take all your Father's Day ideas and simply adapt them to a later date. Your father will appreciate the effort and you still get to spend time with your dad.