Father's Day Ideas for Celebrating with an Elderly Parent

When it comes to Father's Day, children sometimes have to come up with new ways to celebrate with Dad, especially after Dad has passed retirement age. Many of the gifts and activities that were fine when your father was in his thirties and forties are no longer appropriate. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to make Father's Day special for both you and your dad.

One key factor in suitable Father's Day ideas has to do with the current status of your father's health. If your father is able to get around with relative ease, then planning a celebration at a restaurant or park may be in order. Events such as a Father's Day picnic or a private party in a banquet room will allow your father to socialize with loved ones but still be able to sit when he begins to tire. Best of all, there is little to no cleanup needed once the event is over.

When your elderly father is not able to move about freely, it is necessary to think of Father's Day ideas that can adapt to whatever level of mobility he can comfortably manage. This often means arranging a celebration at or near his home. A simple family gathering, complete with a presentation of old home movies assembled for the occasion may be an ideal solution. Your dad can enjoy the movies and recall anecdotes surrounding past family celebrations and events, but still be close enough to rest in the privacy of his own home when he begins to tire.

For a parent who is housebound or confined to a bed, there are still ways to celebrate Father's Day. Of necessity, the celebration may have to be low key and include only the immediate family. When this is the case, gathering in the room with your father and providing gifts that he can use. These may include large-print books, reading glasses, DVDs, and any snacks that are allowed by the doctor. While a subdued celebration, a simple family gathering can be filled with smiles and laughter, and has the potential for creating another wonderful memory for the whole family.

While your father may be older, there are still plenty of Father's Day ideas that can make the day a special one. Consider your father's current health and make plans accordingly. With the proper planning, Father's Day will be just as successful as in years past.