Father's Day Ideas for the Corporate Powerhouse Dad

If your father is a busy executive, it may be a little difficult to keep him away from work even on Father's Day. One way to accomplish this is to provide him with some toys that he can use as part of his work. This is not as difficult as you may think.

Many business people do not remain in the office these days. Instead, they are conducting business via handheld devices while on the way to another appointment. If your dad falls into this category, consider gifting him with a device that will allow him to perform a wide array of tasks. Upgrade the cell phone to a full service unit that allows access to emails, the creation of spreadsheets, letters, and other documents, and the ability to surf the Internet. Along with these features, make sure the unit provides the ability to make and receive phone calls, so your dad can attend conference calls while on the move.

Software packages are also a big hit with corporate dads. Any type of software program that makes it possible to successfully manage more tasks in less time are certain to be a big hit. Look for programs that include document templates your dad can use, as well as tools to edit and convert existing files into other formats. These essential tools will make it possible for your father to adapt presentations at a moment's notice or otherwise alter an existing document to meet a special need.

Along with software and gadgets, don't forget your dad also needs the same basics that any traveler requires. Make sure he has an excellent quality garment bag, a shoulder bag that will house his laptop and other electronic devices, and a nice looking portfolio case to take into the conference room when he visits clients. You can even consider giving your father with a new toiletries bag that is filled with shaving items, cologne, soaps and all the little things he needs to stay well groomed.

For the busy dad who loves his job, remembering Father's Day by giving him items that help to make the work day move along smoothly will be very much appreciated. Ask your father some questions about how he moves through his work each day; the answers will provide you with several clues about gifts that would be ideal for him.