Father's Day Gift Ideas that Are a Hole in One

Fore! If your dad is a golfer, chances are that is something you have heard him say a time or two. Many have heard your dad say that a lot. If dad is a golfer, there are several things that you can buy him that will help him with his golf game. Some of you may say that nothing will help his golf game. While that may or may not be true, you can buy him something that will help to further his enjoyment of the game.

Buy him a new club. Has your dad been complaining that his four iron is crooked or that the head on driver wobbles a little? If so, look into buying him a replacement club. Clubs come in various price ranges depending on quality. One option for buying a club may be to check into buying used clubs. Some sporting good stores will offer used items for sale that have been traded in. Many of these items are in excellent shape and can give a long life for the occasional golfer or weekend warrior.

Golfing gloves or a new pair of golf shoes will be a nice added touch to any golf outfit that you father may own. It is probably a good idea to find out if your dad uses one glove or two, and if he only uses one, for which hand. If your dad already owns golf shoes, check them out to see if they are in good repair. Maybe they could use new spikes or some new laces. A little touchup job on an old pair of shoes will help to extend its life and keep your dad from having to break in a new pair of shoes.

Buy golf lessons for your dad. You know he needs them. Whether it's a slice in his driving or the fact he can't make 10 foot putts, your dad could use some type of golf lesson. Go to a nearby golf course and talk to the local golf pro. Many of them will do private lesson for a fee. In some cases, they may give free lessons if you are already a member. Check with your local pro for more details.

Play a round with the old man. This sounds simple, but chances are, your dad will have a blast. Let him win. That will give him a story to go around and tell his buddies. If for some reason you can't play with him, buy him a round of golf for two so he can pick someone to hustle or lose your inheritance to.

Golf is a fun spot enjoyed by many people throughout the world. In addition to the entertainment value, the health benefits by walking 18 holes are an added bonus. Also, there is nothing quite like sharing a game with your dad on his special day. Whether you play a game with him, or you just buy him something that helps his game, do something next Father's Day to help further fuel his passion for golf.