Father's Day Ideas for Adult Children

Celebrating Father's Day when all the kids are young and at home is a relatively easy process. There is a special breakfast for Dad, a few presents, and then maybe a fun activity for the whole family. But once the kids are grown and out on their own, it is not always possible to be with Dad on Father's Day. When this is the case, the kids can still band together and honor their father on his special day. All it takes is a little planning in advance.

Technology has made it possible for people to be together without actually traveling to the same physical location. Scattered families can take advantage of modern technology to gather together and wish Dad a Happy Father's Day. If your father has a computer, Internet connection, and a web camera, the whole family can gather for a videoconference that is streamed over the Internet. Reserve an hour for the gathering, so everyone has a chance to talk with Dad and each other, just as you would do if everyone flew home for the day. The kids can schedule the conference and chip in to pay for the cost of the conference.

If Dad does not have a computer, you can still make use of modern technology to gather everyone together. Instead of a videoconference, arrange a conference call. Once all the kids are connected to the audio conference, ask the conference operator to dial out to your father and place him into the call.

Be sure to use a conference call service for the meeting, especially if you have more than three or four locations to connect. While many telephone service providers offer a conference call feature, the sound quality tends to degrade when more than three locations are connected into the line. If you want the call to be clear, going through a carrier using a conference call bridge is a much better option.

If getting all the kids together for a virtual audio or video meeting is not possible, consider coordinating what is known as a serial gift. This Father's Day idea involves each child sending a single component that assembles into one gift for your dad. For example, one child sends a DVD player. Another child sends a remote control. Still another child sends one or two DVDs that your father is sure to enjoy. Make sure all the components for the gift are sent by the same courier service. That way, they are all likely to be delivered the same day.

Even when the kids are scattered, it is still possible to come together in some way to celebrate Father's Day with your dad. With a little coordination, all the kids can plan and provide your father with a Father's Day he will never forget.