Father's Day Ideas for Honoring a Non-Custodial Dad

Father's Day can be a lonely time for a non-custodial father. While in some cases, the kids live nearby and it is easy to see them, many non-custodial dads deal with having children who live hundreds of miles away. If you and your father do not live close enough to be together on Father's day, here are some ideas on how you can still let your father know you care.

Don't think you have to get your mom to cough up money for a Father's Day present. There is a good chance he would love nothing more than something you created yourself. Make use of your colored pencils, crayons, and some construction paper to make a special card for your father. Write a short poem that talks about what your dad means to you. That card will make Father's Day really special, even if you can't be with him.

Another Father's Day idea is to make use of a digital camera that takes a short video. Put together a special Father's Day song or greeting and get your mom to run the camera while you perform the presentation. The saved video can be uploaded to a computer and emailed to your dad. This type of gift idea will be something your father can watch over and over for many years.

This next Father's Day idea is to recruit the help and permission of your mom. Order your dad a pizza and have it delivered. Ask Mom if she will use her credit card to pay for the purchase and you will pay her out of your pocket money or she can deduct it from your allowance. Get the phone number for a locally owned pizzeria near your father's home. Many of them will be delighted to write out a note from you to your father and take it along with the pizza. Your dad will be surprised and touched by the unique way you chose to remember him on his special day.

Even though you can't be with your dad on Father's Day, that does not mean you can't talk to him. Make arrangements to call your dad at a specific time on Father's Day. Make sure you call at a time when both of you can visit for a half-hour or so. Your dad will want to know about how you are doing in school, any activities you have coming up, and all the other little things he would know about if he lived in the house with you. Don't assume he won't be interested in the little things. He will love to hear anything you want to tell him.

While it is more difficult to surprise your dad on Father's Day when he lives far away, it is not impossible. With a little thought and maybe a helping hand from your mom, it is possible to come up with several ideas for remembering your dad on Father's Day that will create some great memories for both you and your dad.