Father's Day Ideas for the Great Outdoors

There are all sorts of ways to spend Father's Day. For men who love to be outside, this holiday is the ideal excuse to get away from the daily grind and do something out of doors. Here are three simple examples of activities that the whole family can enjoy with Dad on Father's Day.

Assuming the weather is nice, load everyone into the car and take off for the beach or the lakeside. The entire day can be spent swimming, getting some sun, and walking along the shoreline. Dad can play with the kids, feel the sunshine on his face, and even take a nap if he likes. Take along some sunscreen, plenty to drink, and something good to eat and the day will be pleasant for everyone, especially Dad.

If your dad is into sports, consider tickets to a baseball game. Father's Day falls in the middle of the typical minor league season. Weekend games are sometimes played in the afternoon rather than in the evening, which is ideal for your purposes. Take along the whole family and enjoy the cheering crowd, the fresh popcorn, and the foot long hot dogs smothered in peppers and onions. Everyone will leave the stadium happy and content, no matter which team wins.

A third alternative is taking Dad out for a day of fishing. The fishing can be off a pier, on a lake, or involve deep-sea fishing in the middle of a larger body of water. Take along plenty of food and drink, and use the time to talk about all sorts of things that you never get around to discussing with your dad. He will enjoy the fishing and being able to know more of what his children have on their minds.

For outside Father's Day ideas, think plenty of sunshine, lots of fresh air, and as much fun as you can manage. This winning combination is sure to be a big hit with any father who loves to be out of doors and also loves to be with his family.