Father's Day Ideas for the Sports Enthusiast

For men who like to watch or play sports, Father's Day can be better than Christmas. Depending on which sports are among his favorites, your father may find himself the recipient of all sorts of great sports gear and products. Here are some examples of what you can do for your father if he is a big fan of baseball, football, or golf.

If your dad likes baseball, you are in luck. Baseball in some form thrives around Father's Day. By looking around, you can probably find a minor league game that is scheduled for the weekend of Father's Day. Pick up enough tickets for Dad, Mom, and all the kids to go. Don't forget to take along plenty of money for hot dogs, cotton candy, and drinks.

For the man who likes college or pro football, there are all sorts of opportunities to work the sport into Father's Day. You can provide your dad with football memorabilia such as jerseys, books on his favorite team, collectible items such as jerseys or glasses, and even DVDs featuring some of the highlights of the latest season. Even a gift such as a canvas chair emblazoned with the logo of your dad's favorite team is likely to be a big hit.

Fathers who enjoy golfing are likely to appreciate receiving some of the accessories that are essential to playing the game. While buying expensive clubs may be out of the question, you can always go with golf tees, personalized golf balls, or a nice pair of golfing gloves. For a different twist, prepay eighteen holes of golf for your dad at a local course that you know he likes. If your father is just starting out, give him an instructional DVD that features a lot of tips on stance, swing, drives, and other basics of the game.

When your father is into sports, there is an almost unlimited number of gift options at your disposal. Spend some time talking with your dad about his favorite sport and you will easily identify several specific Father's Day ideas for gifts that he will cherish for may years to come.