Father's Day Ideas - Planning a Surprise Party

Surprise! If you want to do something a little different for Father's Day, consider throwing your dad a surprise party. To accomplish this task, you will need to lay out the basic plans, get commitments on who will take care of what, and also manage to distract Dad until it is time for the party to begin. Here's how you can do all this and still keep your sanity.

Parties don't really need a lot to be successful. Essentially, you need the right people, plenty of food, and some form of entertainment. Your first step is to put together a guest list. Make sure to include your father's closest friends, as well as any neighbors or other people that you think your dad would enjoy spending a few hours with.

Food is also extremely important. Along with a cake, you also want to serve some of your dad's favorite comfort foods. Round out the foods with general party goodies that everyone can enjoy.

Don't forget the decorations. You can keep it simply, maybe a "Happy Father's Day" banner and some balloons. Make sure they can be put in place quickly, so there is less chance of your father seeing them before the party.

With the guest list in place and the food chosen, you now need to get a few volunteers to help with everything. Assign someone to pick up the cake, and various other people to prepare and bring different dishes. Another person can be in charge of securing and putting up the decorations. Remember to assign someone to keep Dad busy for a couple of hours while everything is put in place. A buddy could take him to a game or for a round of golf so he is away from the house.

While it can be a lot of hard work, it will all be worth it when your father comes in and everyone yells, "Surprise!" So get that pencil and pad ready, and start jotting down all your Father's Day ideas for a great surprise party.