It's Time for Father's Day Gift Ideas

Quit stressing out over Father's Day! Every year, it's the same story. What does he need? What would he enjoy? Will my gift go into the closet, never to be seen again unless I ask about it? What many children, both young and old, don't realize is that the one thing that means the most to many parents isn't material possessions, but time together. There are a few things that you can do with your dad on Father's Day that will mean more than that wallet you were thinking about buying at Wal-Mart.

Plan a picnic or dinner out with your father. Prepare a lunch or dinner earlier in the day or the night before and make plans to go to the park. Another option is to plan a time to take your dad to a nice restaurant, or even to his favorite greasy spoon on the local corner. If time or circumstances will not permit, prepare a special dinner at home. Make his favorite meal or do something special to make the dinner stand out, such as decorating the kitchen or lighting candles.

Take your dad to the ballgame. If your dad is a sports fan, take him out to see a game. Many people live near some type of sports complex. It doesn't have to be the NBA or a Major League game. Take your dad to see a minor league game. Many minor league games have admission of $10 or less. You could even plan a guy's night in at home. Buy some popcorn, beverages, and other assorted snacks and kick back and enjoy a televised game in comfort.

Go see a movie. Many people view movies as a type of date activity, but how many times do guys get to see an action movie with their girlfriends or wives? Take your dad to the action movie. For you ladies, find a movie that both of you can agree on, and have a movie date with your dad.

As people grow older, typically the fondest memories that they have of their parents come not from what they buy them, but the time they spent with them. The same holds true with parents. Your dad wants to spend time with you, so why make next Father's Day special by giving him that precious gift.