How to Come Up With Unique Father's Day Ideas

Try these suggestions and mix things up a bit. When Father's Day rolls around, many men find themselves opening a gift that contains a brand new tie. While this was once a very practical gift for any man, the fact is a lot of guys don't wear ties anymore. Plus, after several years and several kids there is a good chance there are already enough ties in the closet to last a lifetime.

Instead of going with something traditional, why not come up with another way to honor your father on Father's Day? Here are some ideas on how to think outside the box and plan something that will delight your father and make it a great day for everyone. First, forget all the hype about buying ties and cologne for your dad. He already has plenty. In fact, forget every media advertisement you see about the so-called perfect Father's Day gift. There is no such thing. By starting with a clean slate, there is nothing to distract you from objectively looking at any idea that comes to mind.

Your next step is to take an inventory of your father's favorite hobbies and pastimes. Does your dad like to golf? Maybe your father is crazy about pro or college football. Perhaps your dad collects coins. Anything your father likes to do outside of work on a regular basis counts as a hobby. Add it to the list.

Once your list is finished, take a look at each line item. Can you think of how to turn that hobby into way to make Father's Day special for your dad? Maybe you can get tickets to a baseball or football game. Or perhaps you can treat him to dinner at a local sports bar where he can see his favorite team play on a wide screen television. As you consider each idea, shoot for something the two of you can do together. Father's Day is better when dad gets to do something fun with the kids.

If in doubt, take your Father's Day ideas to your mother and get her input. There may be one or two that she thinks your dad would really appreciate. You may also need Mom's help to pull off the idea, depending on what all is involved.

Remember that Father's Day should be a time to create a special memory that you and your father will share for many years. Take advantage of this opportunity and come up with something that will bring a smile to your dad's face and also let him know how much he means to you.